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13th April 2017

I know I keep harping on about Women’s Health Physios but do you know what they really do and when you should go and see one?

A Physiotherapist treats injuries using physical methods such as massage, heat treatment and specific exercise. A Women’s Health Physiotherapist is a specialist in treating injuries / changes / problems with the pelvis and pelvic floor.

Why should we all see one after giving birth…..

During pregnancy there are of course many physical changes made to your body. These include changes to your posture, breathing, shortening and lengthening of various muscles and of course increased pressure on your pelvic floor.

During labour your pelvic floor is put under tremendous pressure especially with a long pushing stage and when the head crowns your pelvic floor is stretched to it’s widest to allow the baby through. With an assisted birth with forceps or ventuose this damage and trauma to your pelvic floor is increased massively.

After birth we are sent away with Kegels to do and we expect everything to return to normal. We expect a little more from our 6 week post-natal check but we don’t know the right questions to ask about what is normal and what isn’t. We are then either left in limbo feeling that something isn’t quite right or just generally wondering if everything is ok but in both cases just not knowing who to see or ask for advice.

Many other countries place much more importance on Women’s post-natal health with automatic physiotherapy sessions to check that everything is ok and to ensure pelvic floor and core health is restored. Unfortunately in England we don’t automatically have that service offered but it is available with a MUMYY MOT from a registered Women’s Health Practitioner.

“About the MummyMOT

The MummyMOT is a postnatal detailed physiotherapy assessment of the abdominal and pelvic area. It will check your posture, breathing, tummy gap and pelvic floor strength. You will receive a report of the findings on the day. Following the assessment an appropriate safe exercise programme will be prescribed.” www.themummymot.com

This is the link to the national site where you will find lots more information about the MummyMOT. This is a carefully designed assessment and only Physiotherapists that have the necessary training and skills can offer the MummyMOT.

Alex at Enliven Health www.enlivenhealth.co.uk is our fantastic Women’s Health Physiotherapist and MummyMOT practitioner for this area. I’ll let her introduce herself and tell you a bit more about the MummyMOT…..