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BuggyBootcamp outdoor classes at Buckingham Park Shoreham or online with BuggyBootcamp@HOMEonDemand


07896 040084



Boot camp is absolutely fantastic, as a twin mum with a toddler as well boot camp was my life saviour! It enabled me to get out the house and do something for myself while including the children. Jo was amazing and able to support me back into getting fit, healthy and loose weight! I would highly recommend Bootcamp to anybody looking to do some fun exercise at your own pace while still being able to involve the children!


I joined buggy Bootcamp just for one reason which was to get back in shape. But I got a lot in return. Good friends, a great social circle to go out with. Good advice from fellow mummies, didn’t feel lonely with my doubts and concerns about my children. Over and about that yes I felt physically and mentally fit and strong


Buggy bootcamp transformed my maternity leave and state of mind


This is so much more than an exercise class (although it’s brilliant from that perspective too!). Jo makes everyone feel welcome, from people who’ve done very little exercise before, like me, to mum’s who played sport and were super fit pre baby. She also really cares about everyone, giving support on diet, motivation and of course recovering your body post pregnancy. I get a huge amount from the classes, I’ve lost weight, gained strength, got to share my latest parenting woes and most of all had fun. Running and leaping around with a bunch of babies and toddlers there means this class never gets dull or feels stuffy. You also don’t need to have had kids recently or have them with you, it’s a brilliant workout and it’s outdoors, what more could you want? I would highly recommend giving it a go!


I think I was one of the originals for when Jo started BBC and have loved every class. It has been benificial in both mind and body and has been a fantastic influence on my growing girls who see their Mummy exercise regularly. I still attend classes now even though my girls are at school which I think is testament to how good it is!!


Buggy Bootcamp has been great for me and my daughters. Not only does it help with general fitness it is great fun. You meet lovely people who make you laugh even when you have been up all night . It’s also great for the little ones to get them out and about it fresh air.


Jo is fantastic and tailors the exercises to fit your fitness (and well-being) level. I am now 20 weeks pregnant with my second child and I found the classes really good for keeping my fitness up without over doing it. Jo is very knowledgeable and will give me mini-exercises to do at home as well as ensure that I am getting the right exercise at boot-camp.