Outdoor Classes or Workout Videos at home on demand?
With your Buggy or Buggy-Free?
You Choose!


Buckingham Park – SHOREHAM
Strict COVID-19 measures in place for all outdoor classes

Buckingham Park – SHOREHAM – BN43 6BA

We meet at the trees in the middle of the park.

There is plenty of free parking in the car park.  There are toilets, baby change facilities and refreshments nearby at The cafe




Monday @ 10.30am – BuggyBootcamp – Suitable for Beginners and all fitness levels and abilities – high and low impact options exercise available. Resistance band needed.

Friday @ 9.30am – Buggy-FREE Bootcamp – Intermediate to advanced. – high and low impact options exercise available. Resistance band and dumbells required


Beginner, intermediate and advanced follow along workouts are available for you to use in the comfort of your own home at any time with me teaching you just as I would in class or one to one. All videos are accessed via a private Facebook Group for members only. New workout videos will be posted regularly with occasional live streamed classes too. You can comment on the videos and post anything you want to share with the group so we can really grow a great online mummy community.


All outdoor classes are paid in advance per term

6 Week Term with 1 outdoor class per week @ £45

Fitness Mad Resistance Band @ £15 (you are welcome to use your own band. I have been using these bands for many years and found them to be extremely durable and easy to use)


Monthly subscription £20

One off yearly payment £150

(Lifetime price promise for as long as you are a subscriber)


Facebook Group – BuggyBootcamp@HOME- On demand workout videos – Members only group

BuggyBootcamp@HOMEonDEMAND brings postnatal workouts straight to you in the comfort of your own home. With Beginner, intermediate and advanced follow along workouts in an ever expanding library you’ll have lots to choose from. I teach you just as I would within class or one to one. Simply sign up to the monthly subscription and you gain access to the members only group and the videos. There will be new workouts posted regularly and Facebook Live sessions to join in with from time to time. You won’t need much space and simply a resistance band to use for the workouts – dumbells too if you’re doing the intermediate and advanced workouts.


Registration is easy and must be completed before booking. Just click on the link –  https://goo.gl/forms/aZievl9dEutBqfVG2 – and complete the online Health Questionnaire form at your leisure. Once submitted I will review your responses and then contact you to get you started at first class


Mums are so precious and the postnatal period and beyond is a really challenging time. Pregnancy and giving birth is very traumatic for your body so exercise at this time is definitely not one size fit’s all, although it’s also a time when perhaps we need the most functionality in our movement – bending, twisting, carrying, lunging, lifting etc. Even many years after giving birth problems can still be apparent without the correct movement instruction. All BuggyBootcamp classes are carefully planned and can be easily adapted to suit both postnatal mums and recovered mums alike to ensure that you exercise in a way that is safe for you.


Positive postnatal nutrition is the key to recovering quickly after the birth of your child and is so often over looked. Focus on adding more and more beautiful food and naturally the not so healthy food will be squeezed out. Listen to your body. Listen to your appetite. Feed your body. Don’t starve it. There are no food do nots or leave outs and perfection is positively boring! Enrol on one of our 6 week programmes for that extra guidance and support during your journey back to being YOU.


We want progress not boring perfection. Progress towards a happier, healthier, relaxed lifestyle without deprivation or restriction. By taking it at your own pace and trying to attend BuggyBootcamp regularly, you will quickly see improvements in how you feel and look. Making sure you really take time for you to lower stress, rest and relax will do far more for your waistline than watching calories so go ahead and put your feet up!


BuggyBootcamp provides friendly, relaxed and fun outdoor postnatal exercise classes, specialised online programmes and Live streamed classes on Facebook