Welcome to Buggy Bootcamp!

I just want to introduce myself and of course Ollie and Kat and tell you a bit more about Buggy Bootcamp Bedford. Be warned that the video is manic so be prepared for chaos because Kat and Ollie help a lot!


So you should now realise that Buggy Bootcamp is just a name. It’s simply an outdoor exercise class that you can come to with your babies and children. Hopefully you can see from my lively video with my 2 little helpers that I’m not a scary military type instructor who shouts constantly for an hour making you exercise harder and harder. Instead the focus is on safe pre and post-natal exercise which is hugely important.

Pregnancy and birth are so hard on your body and pelvic floor and then looking after baby with the sleepless nights is truly amazing, isolating and stressful all at the same time. I know as I’ve got 4! It’s also the time when we truly have to properly USE our body. Squatting, Bending, Pushing, Pulling, Twisting, Lunging, Lifting, Balancing which is where Buggy Bootcamp is priceless.

Functional Exercises. Motherhood Movement. Learning how to move properly. Learning how to breathe properly when moving. All of this strengthens our core again and ensures that our pelvic floor works optimally both activating properly and relaxing fully.

My classes are designed with all of these movements in mind.

It’s not all about the exercise though. It’s about getting together with lots of other mums and babies and children. We chat and laugh throughout the class and that’s the whole point, as long as you’re moving safely I don’t mind how many reps you do. I have had post-natal depression with all of my children and being out in the fresh air, doing a little exercise and most importantly talking and meeting other mums is a lifesaver.

Before starting you will need to complete my online questionnaire. This just highlights any issues I might need you to revisit your GP or a woman’s Health Physio for and also what level of exercise is safe for you to begin with.

My mission is to get everyone moving and moving safely. During the classes we have pregnant ladies, working alongside 6 week post-natal mums working alongside mums perfectly capable of doing burpees with 3 year old little ones running around. Every exercise I give has many alternatives which enables you to work safely and build strength and movement slowly.

Each class is slightly different but in general we warm up, play games which get you moving without realising. We do various types of strength and movement work using bodyweight and resistance bands. We do concentrated core work and we stretch. You don’t have to run. You don’t need a specialist Buggy. You just need a picnic mat and a drink and anything needed for your little one. That’s it nice and simple.

I think that about covers it so thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my video with my two little helpers! It’ll be lovely to welcome you along when you feel ready.




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