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BuggyBootcamp@HOME – On demand postnatal exercise classes delivered straight to you at home
BuggyBootcamp-Shoreham – Coming to Buckingham Park – Spring 2021


BUGGYBOOTCAMP@HOME – on demand workout videos



  • Outdoor fitness classes for postnatal mums and beyond
  • Simply bring your baby, toddler or child to class with you
  • Buggy-Free Bootcamp classes – available too for those mums with children at school or those who prefer to exercise without children
  • Specialist postnatal exercise with diastasis (ab separation) and low impact alternatives always available – we are very pelvic floor aware
  • Restore and strengthen your core and all of those other muscles affected by childbirth and pregnancy
  • Learn how to breathe to activate your core and pelvic floor
  • BuggyBootcamp@Home – Monthly subscription to on demand workouts at home
  • Online Postnatal Core Strength Recovery Programme
  • Online Postnatal Diastasis Recti – Core Strength Recovery Programme

Our COVID-19 POLICY is in place ready for when we can get outdoors again!

We adhere to a strict covid-19 Policy within our outdoor classes – to find out more please click on the link

ABOUT BuggyBootcamp

Buggy Bootcamp is all about us mums!

I’m Jo! I’m a mum of 4, postnatal exercise specialist and womens wellness Instructor and Personal Trainer. My BuggyBootcamp classes have been running successfully in Bedford for nearly 10 years and I’m so excited to be bringing them to you lovely lot in Shoreham.  At BuggyBootcamp I provide safe, friendly, relaxed and fun outdoor exercise classes.

All classes are specifically designed for postnatal (and beyond!) mums to attend with their babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. There are Buggy-Free Bootcamp classes which are simply BuggyBootcamp without a buggy – these available to for those of you with children at nursery, school or university or simply if you prefer to exercise without your children. 

Within each and every class you will work at your own level with appropriate exercises and won’t be pushed beyond your limit. You learn how to really strengthen your core with simple exercises, how to breathe to activate your core and pelvic floor  and most importantly how to squat, lunge, bend, push, balance, pull, jump and twist and keep your pelvic floor safe. You won’t find me shouting at you to work harder, you can stop and feed or cuddle baby as needed and chatting to each other is an absolute MUST. At Buckingham Park we’ve got a lovely cafe so it’s a hot drink after the session for those that want to.  Each session is different and revolves around lots of chatting and absolutely no nursery rhymes, burpees or tyre flipping!

I have been working with postnatal ladies for many years and have also designed several online postnatal recovery programmes which are delivered to your laptop, tablet or mobile. These are structured programmes developed to safely restore core strength after pregnancy or to safely and effectively restore the tension in your gap if you have a small diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation). More recently and because of the necessity for online classes over the past year, I am launching BuggyBootcamp@HOME for those who can’t make it to the outdoor classes. These are delivered on Facebook which with a monthly subscription will give you on demand access to an ever expanding video library with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Whichever way you decide to join us I really look forward to seeing you soon!



BuggyBootcamp CLASSES

Mondays @ 10.30am – – Buckingham Park – SHOREHAM – postnatal mums and beyond – Resistance band needed

Fridays @ 9.30 Buggy-Free Bootcamp – Buckingham Park – SHOREHAM – advanced class – Resistance band and dumbells required

@ HOME – Live Streamed / Pre recorded workouts on Facebook Group with access to every expanding video library.

  • All classes run during term time only in line with regular school terms
  • A health questionnaire needs to be completed before joining
  • I complete an abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti) check before you join
  • Class are payed in advance per term – payment adjusted in advance for holidays
  • Join anytime in the term

A combination of outdoor classes and working through the 6 week online programmes or joining the monthly subscription is optimal for your postnatal recovery or for restoring and strengthening your core. Ideally you will be completing three to four workouts per week

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Jo. x



I know not everyone can, or even wants to come along to BuggyBootcamp and I know Personal training is not an option for everyone either so I’m extremely excited to tell you about my 6 week online training programmes delivered straight to your laptop, tablet or phone. There are many programmes to choose from  to cater for the many different stages of postnatal recovery and fitness levels. Options include : Postnatal Core Strength,  Diastasis recovery, Basic Strong Dumbells, Basic Strong Band and many more. They range from beginner to very advanced and all of them focus on posture, strength and core with a big focus on those life movements – squat, lunge, push, push, balance, bend, twist and jump – and how to breathe to activate your core and pelvic floor while moving.

These online programmes have follow along videos with me demonstrating and teaching you as I would do in class or one to one. The exercises are progressed a little each week so you are continually challenging your body.

These programmes can be used as an amazing addition to the in-person or online classes too and will mean that your postnatal recovery really improves with leaps and bounds!

To sign up you need to complete the online health questionnaire. I use my personal training app to deliver the programmes to you so after entering your details you are sent an invitation to the app and you’re ready to go. You have daily email reminders for the workouts and habits we’re tracking and when each task is completed you check if off. I can see how you’re doing and if you’re struggling with anything and I check in with you each week. You can message me at any time with any queries and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

These are no ordinary online programme because I can see when you’re missing workouts or habit tracking so this is perfect for those of us that need accountability (yes I do too!).



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This is so much more than an exercise class (although it’s brilliant from that perspective too!). Jo makes everyone feel welcome, from people who’ve done very little exercise before, like me, to mum’s who played sport and were super fit pre baby. She also really cares about everyone, giving support on diet, motivation and of course recovering your body post pregnancy. I get a huge amount from the classes, I’ve lost weight, gained strength, got to share my latest parenting woes and most of all had fun. Running and leaping around with a bunch of babies and toddlers there means this class never gets dull or feels stuffy. You also don’t need to have had kids recently or have them with you, it’s a brilliant workout and it’s outdoors, what more could you want? I would highly recommend giving it a go!


Buggy bootcamp transformed my maternity leave and state of mind


Boot camp is absolutely fantastic, as a twin mum with a toddler as well boot camp was my life saviour! It enabled me to get out the house and do something for myself while including the children. Jo was amazing and able to support me back into getting fit, healthy and loose weight! I would highly recommend Bootcamp to anybody looking to do some fun exercise at your own pace while still being able to involve the children!


I think I was one of the originals for when Jo started BBC and have loved every class. It has been benificial in both mind and body and has been a fantastic influence on my growing girls who see their Mummy exercise regularly. I still attend classes now even though my girls are at school which I think is testament to how good it is!!


Buggy Bootcamp has been great for me and my daughter’s. Not only does it help with general fitness it is great fun. You meet lovely people who make you laugh even when you have been up all night . It’s also great for the little ones to get them out and about it fresh air.


Jo is fantastic and tailors the exercises to fit your fitness (and well-being) level. I am now 20 weeks pregnant with my second child and I found the classes really good for keeping my fitness up without over doing it. Jo is very knowledgeable and will give me mini-exercises to do at home as well as ensure that I am getting the right exercise at boot-camp.


JO SAMIOTIS (nee Waters)

Founder and Owner

A little bit about me

I’m Jo, I’m a mum of 4 with 2 boys and 2 girls. I know what it’s like to have so many demands on your time and mental space with no energy left over for yourself. I started BuggyBootcamp classes in Bedford after my son was born nearly 10 years ago. I had a massive abdominal separation and there was absolutely no help. I’ve been a personal trainer for over 20 years but I decided to completely overhaul my business and specialise in postnatal exercise and I’ve never looked back since. BuggyBootcamp is unlike any other class you will ever attend. It’s relaxed and fun and you won’t find me shouting at you to work harder. It has absolutely saved my mental health , yes I know I’m the Instructor but you guys have helped me too! So many of the mums that come to me have never heard of diastasis and many of them have simply put up with pelvic floor dysfunction because they expected it after pregnancy. My goal in life is to make sure all mums know about abdominal muscle separation and do not put up with those little oops moments!


I’ve specialised in postnatal exercise and womans’ wellness for the last 10 years. I’m passionate about providing safe, effective exercise that enhances your life and movement. So many women are left with altered breathing patterns, postural changes, abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti) and pelvic floor dysfunction after pregnancy and giving birth. Lots of mums are left with these changes many many years after having children simply because they haven’t been cared for in the right way. My focus is to provide that help no matter how may years postnatal you are, be it 6 weeks or 16 years!

BuggyBootcamp SHOREHAM


Outdoor Classes – Buckingham Park – Shoreham

Specialised Online Postnatal Core Strength Programmes – accessible through laptop, tablet or mobile device with follow along videos

BuggyBootcamp@Home – Monthly subscription – on demand workout video library


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